UK: Muslim patrols hit London streets again

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UK: Muslim patrols hit London streets again
London, United Kingdom
May 1, 2013, 12:18 (GMT)
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Sharia Project, Muslim Patrol, Muslim vigilantes, Tower Hamlets

1. M/S Sharia Project walking through the streets with signs

2. C/U Sign of Sharia Project saying: "No to Prostitution."

3. SOT, Abu Usamah, leader of the Sharia Project (with Sarah Firth, RT reporter): "Looking at those patrols, I can say that it's commendable that Muslims have come out and decided to take some kind of action against these things taking place."

4. W/S Sharia Project members scraping off advertisements

5. M/S RT reporter Sara Firth with Salman Farsi, media officer at East London mosque

6. SOT, Salman Farsi, media officer at East London mosque (with Sarah Firth, RT reporter): "These individuals are a fringe minority, they don't represent the Muslim community. There are 2.7 million Muslims in the UK and they would never condone this type of behaviour."

7. M/S Sharia Project members patrolling the streets

8. M/S Abu Izadeen, former prisoner jailed on terrorism charges, speaking to RT reporter Sara Firth

9. SOT, Abu Izadeen, former prisoner jailed on terrorism charges (with RT reporter Sara Firth): "If I said the law of the land can go to hell, I believe so. Because I believe those who disbelieve in the oneness of God, their final destination will be the hellfire anyway and those laws that they establish will go with them, with 'Pharaon', or Pharaoh, into the hellfire. So, I have no respect for British law whatsoever."

10. M/S Abu Usamah, leader of the Sharia Project, walking with sign

11. SOT, Abu Usamah, leader of the Sharia Project: "I think if we were to take some kind of passive approach, then I don't think the effect of the campaign would be that great. But, I think what we are doing now, and shouting, and protesting, and pulling for Islam and pulling for Sharia Britain, I think that is something that would really catch the people and engage in debate."

12. M/S Backs of Sharia Project members

13. W/S Sharia Project members walking in the night


UK: Muslim Patrol hit London streets again

A group of men belonging to the so-called Muslim patrols were roaming the streets of East London again last Saturday. The self-claimed religious vigilantes were holding placards against prostitution while trying to impose Sharia law onto the local population. One of the main aims of the patrol is to create Muslim zones in London, which often involve verbally attacking passersby who do not conform to Islam.

Muslim Patrol are based in East London and often walk the streets near the East London Mosque, one of the UK's largest mosques. Their You Tube channel documenting their patrols went viral early February 2013 after the group were seen calling a man a 'faggot', removing alcoholic drinks from Londoners and confronting women about they way they were dressed.

A similar London Muslim group called the Sharia Project have also been uploading You Tube videos of their patrols over the last ten months, however they are making a point in differentiating themselves to the more hard-line and aggressive approach of Muslim Patrol.

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