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Russia: FSB say CIA crossed "red line" with Fogle

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Russia: FSB say CIA crossed "red line" with Fogle
Moscow, Russia
May 17, 2013, 18:47 (GMT)
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Anonymous Federal Security Service (FSB) officer: "In the case with Fogle, the CIA crossed a red line and we had no choice but to react, observing official procedures. By autumn 2011, we realized that American intelligence was pursuing a deliberate policy of trying to recruit an informant within the Federal Security Service or another Russian intelligence agency. Those attempts didn't look like random, isolated instances any longer, and we found it alarming. So we decided to warn our American counterparts against making alarming advances on Russian intelligence officers."


Russia: FSB say CIA crossed "red line" with Fogle

The CIA crossed a "red line" when alleged CIA agent Ryan Fogle attempted to groom an operative within Russian security services to become a double agent, an officer from Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT. The officer, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "In the case with Fogle, the CIA crossed a red line and we had no choice but to react, observing official procedures."

Fogle was detained by the FSB in Moscow on Tuesday before being handed over to the US embassy where he reportedly worked under the guise of third secretary of the Political Section. FSB agents uncovered a letter from Fogle intended for a Russian operative, in which he offered his target a one-off payment of $100,000 (€77,000) for an interview to discuss possible cooperation and up to $1 million (€770,000) for long-term collaboration. Also found were bundles of Euro bank notes, technical devices and disguises including a blonde wig worn by Fogle while he was being detained. Following the incident, Fogle was expelled from Russia.

The anonymous FSB officer stressed that long before his detention Russian agents were already keeping a close eye on Fogle, aware that he belonged to American special services. "By the time Ryan Fogle arrived in Moscow in April 2011, we were already aware that he was a CIA cadre. I must note that Russian counterintelligence keeps an eye on operatives of all secret services, and the CIA is no exception. The practice is aimed at preventing any possible action by a foreign secret service agent that could undermine the security of the Russian Federation."

As early as Autumn 2011, the FSB was aware that the CIA was trying to secure an informer within the Russian special services, the agent told RT. At the time, the FSB did not make public any information they knew about the CIA operations in Moscow, but held a meeting with the head of their station's chief in Moscow, Stephen Holmes, to warn the US against continuing their strategy. They also expelled Benjamin Dillon, an alleged CIA agent who tried to flip a Russian operative.

Now the Fogle saga has been made public, the FSB officer said he was certain the CIA would cease in its efforts to recruit a mole inside the Russian security services. "We are convinced that after all of this, our American colleagues will assess the situation and draw the right conclusions," he said.

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