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Germany: Three thousand Airbus metal workers strike over job cuts

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Germany: Three thousand Airbus metal workers strike over job cuts
Hamburg, Germany
November 28, 2013, 11:02 (GMT)
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Germany, Hamburg, Airbus, strike EADS

M/S Strikers marching holding banner

M/S Strikers marching and using whistles

W/S Strikers stand using whistles and holding aeroplane banners

C/U Young striker with whistle

M/S Young protesters with whistles and banner

W/S Strikers holding Airbus aeroplane banners

M/S Strikers holding union flags seen from behind

C/U Airbus banner held up near Airbus factory sign

C/U Banner declaring workers' rights

W/S Strikers holding banner

C/U Airbus logo on the back of a jacket

M/S Airbus workers wearing Airbus jackets

C/U Airbus logo on factory building

M/S Strikers standing near road

M/S Union flag close to Airbus factory building

M/S Union flags and strikers seen from the side

M/S Strikers wearing union red hats seen from the front

W/S Rows of striking workers waving union flags

M/S Rows of striking workers waving union flags


Germany: Three thousand Airbus metal workers strike over job cuts

Over 3,000 members of the Industrial Union of Metalworkers (IG Metall) went on an hour-long strike on Thursday, demonstrating in front of the Airbus factory in Hamburg, a key site for the development and engineering of aircraft.

The strike action follows changes made by Airbus's parent company the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) and a planned restructuring announced in July, effective from January 1 2014.

The proposed adjustments could mean units of Airbus factories are sold off and up to 40,000 workers could lose their jobs. EADS has said it wants to combine its defence and space subsidiaries and potentially save €690m ($937m) from the move.

Other strike actions are taking place on Thursday across Germany at Airbus factories, including in Bremen and Munich.

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