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Brazil: Farm offers shelter to caimans escaping Pantanal wildfires
November 06 at 18:21 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Pantanal rainforest covered in ash as wildfires continue
November 06 at 08:47 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Blaze decimates wildlife in Pantanal wetlands
November 04 at 21:47 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Wildfires rage across Brazil's Pantanal wetlands
November 03 at 23:38 GMT +00:00
Bolivia: Russian aircraft Ilyushin arrives for fight against Amazon fires
September 10 at 01:42 GMT +00:00
Bolivia: French firefighters arrive to help tackle Amazon blazes
September 08 at 03:07 GMT +00:00
Brazil: 'Scream of the Excluded' protest in defence of the Amazon
September 07 at 20:25 GMT +00:00
France: Extinction Rebellion call for action against Amazon wildfires
August 31 at 21:26 GMT +00:00
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Bolivia: Morales speaks of ‘shared responsibility’ as he helps battle wildfires
August 30 at 02:42 GMT +00:00
Bolivia: Armadillos, parrots and other animals treated at shelter after Amazon fires
August 29 at 15:15 GMT +00:00
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Brazil: Amazon rainforest fire interrupts football match
August 29 at 02:43 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berlin to provide help 'as quickly as possible' to fight Amazon fires
August 28 at 17:45 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Amazon locals react to Bolsonaro's rejection of G7 fire aid
August 27 at 22:35 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Army brigade deployed to fight Amazon rainforest fires in Brazil
August 27 at 15:50 GMT +00:00
Germany: FM Mass calls on Brazil to honour Mercosur obligations
August 27 at 13:27 GMT +00:00
Bolivia: Firefighters take to the sky in battle against Chiquitos blazes
August 27 at 12:01 GMT +00:00
USA: Environmentalists picket Brazilian embassy over Amazon fires
August 27 at 00:55 GMT +00:00
France: Indigenous chieftain 'contented' with Macron’s commitment to Amazon at G7
August 26 at 22:41 GMT +00:00
Belgium: Protesters rally for the Amazon rainforest outside Brazilian embassy
August 26 at 15:05 GMT +00:00
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France: Macron, Pinera announce $20 million aid package for Amazon fires
August 26 at 13:54 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Activists blame agro-industry for Amazon fires at Porto Velho protest
August 26 at 03:46 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Glenn Greenwald, protestors decry Bolsonaro’s environmental policy as Amazon burns
August 26 at 02:29 GMT +00:00
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Bolivia: President Morales suspends election campaign to focus on Amazon wildfires
August 26 at 00:04 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Military planes drafted in to battle Amazon blazes
August 25 at 20:39 GMT +00:00
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France: Macron says G7 'all agree that we must help' fight Amazon fires
August 25 at 12:41 GMT +00:00
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Brazil: Military deployed to fight Amazon rainforest fires in Rondonia
August 25 at 06:33 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Amazon wildfires continue to burn in Candeias do Jamari
August 25 at 02:36 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Smoke hampers firefighting efforts in Amazon rainforest
August 25 at 02:05 GMT +00:00
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Bolivia: Firefighting 'supertanker' joins battle against Amazon wildfires
August 24 at 23:53 GMT +00:00
Peru: Wildfires affect Amazonian region of Madre de Dios
August 24 at 20:00 GMT +00:00
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France: Trump and Macron talk climate crisis and economic approaches at pre-G7 lunch
August 24 at 14:14 GMT +00:00
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France: Johnson pledges support to Brazil to battle Amazon fires ahead of G7 meeting
August 24 at 13:59 GMT +00:00
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France: Tusk cannot agree with Trump's 'logic' on Russia G7 re-invite
August 24 at 12:55 GMT +00:00
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France: Tusk hopes 'common solutions' will trump 'senseless disputes' at G7
August 24 at 12:53 GMT +00:00
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France: 'We are Amazonians' - Macron calls for action to battle Amazon fires
August 24 at 12:36 GMT +00:00
Bolivia: Firefighting 'supertanker' plane deployed to battle Amazon fires
August 24 at 05:38 GMT +00:00
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Brazil: Bolsonaro calls for calm, vows to send armed forces to combat fires
August 24 at 04:12 GMT +00:00
Colombia: Environmental and indigenous activists join international Amazon wildfire protests
August 24 at 03:29 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Hundreds denounce Bolsonaro in Rio over Amazon wildfires
August 24 at 03:17 GMT +00:00
Argentina: Protesters gather outside Brazilian embassy over Amazon wildfires
August 24 at 02:41 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Hundreds protest government's handling of Amazon wildfires in Sao Paulo
August 24 at 02:10 GMT +00:00
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Peru: Rainforest wildfires burn in Madre de Dios region
August 23 at 23:42 GMT +00:00
Spain: Protesters rally outside Brazilian consulate over Bolsonaro’s handling of wildfires
August 23 at 22:39 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berliners blame Brazil's Bolsonaro for Amazon wildfires
August 23 at 16:40 GMT +00:00
Germany: 'Appalling' Amazon emergency 'has to be' on G7 agenda govt. spox.
August 23 at 13:58 GMT +00:00
UK: Protesters call for action on Amazon fires outside Brazil's London embassy
August 23 at 11:50 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Raging Amazon wildfires leave burnt up fields in their wake
August 23 at 01:08 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Wildfires keep on raging in Amazon rainforests
August 22 at 13:24 GMT +00:00
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