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30 km on horseback for a mobile signal: 7-y/o Argentinian takes homework very seriously
May 30 at 19:24 GMT +00:00
Arizona holds first drive-in music festival in COVID era
May 30 at 12:36 GMT +00:00
Russia: See daredevils BASE jump off Moscow tower block
May 30 at 07:12 GMT +00:00
Spanish priest helps reintegrate dozens of ex-convicts and homeless back into society
May 29 at 02:27 GMT +00:00
Peruvian soldiers in hip-hop face-off with coronavirus on Lima streets
May 28 at 16:37 GMT +00:00
'Sightless' Texan gamer slaying in Mortal Kombat like a pro
May 28 at 14:06 GMT +00:00
Whatever floats your HOME! Latvian architect designs mobile house-boat-trike
May 27 at 21:56 GMT +00:00
No 'haunted German castle or pack of wolves' for Bolivian pan flute orchestra stuck in Rheinsberg
May 27 at 18:21 GMT +00:00
Honking with laughter - Comedians put on the first drive-in stand-up show in NYC
May 27 at 11:51 GMT +00:00
'This will become a trend' - Chennai studio introduces faceprint masks
May 27 at 09:15 GMT +00:00
UK: 11-year-old pro scooter rider designs ramp for backyard during lockdown
May 27 at 03:11 GMT +00:00
Adorable baby gorillas officially named Moyo and Kesha at Rostock Zoo
May 26 at 14:15 GMT +00:00
Czech Republic: National Museum opens customised face mask exhibition in Prague
May 25 at 20:12 GMT +00:00
Physical distancing 'pod party' officially a thing in Manhattan
May 25 at 10:51 GMT +00:00
Russia: WWII era alligator Saturn dies in Moscow zoo *ARCHIVE*
May 24 at 15:13 GMT +00:00
Tulsa gives its Golden Driller a Tesla makeover to tempt Elon Musk
May 24 at 08:31 GMT +00:00
Pure party joy in lockdown 'balcony' festivities in Buenos Aires
May 23 at 10:19 GMT +00:00
Fashionwear for your next video conference: 'Work From Home' jammies
May 23 at 09:02 GMT +00:00
Guatemala: Village named Serbia to honour aid amid COVID-19 outbreak
May 23 at 07:53 GMT +00:00
Clarinetist in Izmir charms cow audience with beautiful 'moosic' during lockdown
May 21 at 16:34 GMT +00:00
Poland: Europe's oldest time capsule dating to 1797 discovered in church spire
May 20 at 12:05 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only01:25
Muscovites and National Guard stop traffic to help duck family cross road
May 20 at 10:37 GMT +00:00
Spain: Health worker dolls manufactured to raise awareness of COVID-19 among kids
May 19 at 18:32 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only00:53
Berlin Zoo panda cub has splashing good time in paddling pool
May 19 at 14:22 GMT +00:00
Meals on wheels: Texas taco joint 'employs' remote-controlled minicar for contactless service
May 19 at 10:33 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only00:20
You can run but you can’t hide! Man fined & arrested for breaking quarantine in Sochi
May 19 at 08:21 GMT +00:00
Autistic man in New Jersey honours essential workers with balloon art
May 18 at 18:43 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only00:54
Mama duck and her ducklings go shopping ahead of phase 2 of lockdown easing
May 18 at 17:40 GMT +00:00
Japan: Senna superfan builds Formula One simulator in living room
May 18 at 08:26 GMT +00:00
Four-year-old’s dance moves go viral and melt hearts from China to LA
May 17 at 15:54 GMT +00:00
One Mo please! Cairo bakery makes Mohamed Salah-themed cookies to inspire youth
May 17 at 10:30 GMT +00:00
Hong Kong: Gelato shop keeping it cool with tear gas flavoured ice cream
May 16 at 15:22 GMT +00:00
From bikini to trikini! Italian designer produces COVID-inspired swimsuits
May 16 at 01:47 GMT +00:00
London: Kurt Cobain's legendary MTV unplugged guitar to go under the hammer
May 15 at 18:04 GMT +00:00
World's most enlightened face mask? Giant Buddha statue gets own PPE in Thailand
May 15 at 17:18 GMT +00:00
There's a CRICKET in my soup! Tokyo restaurant offers ramen with insects
May 14 at 12:23 GMT +00:00
700,000-year-old fossil of GIANT sloth discovered near Buenos Aires
May 14 at 10:25 GMT +00:00
Young record-breaking gymnast flips through the streets of Mashhad
May 13 at 11:58 GMT +00:00
Vietnamese YouTubers make drivable Bugatti and Lamborghini replicas from cardboard
May 13 at 01:45 GMT +00:00
USA: Connecticut toy company creates 'superhero' Dr. Fauci plush doll
May 12 at 03:33 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only03:45
Table for One: COVID-proof solo dining in empty Swedish meadow
May 11 at 02:19 GMT +00:00
Italian farmer uses horse rescued from slaughter to make 'zero impact' pasta
May 09 at 18:17 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only04:58
Leipzig football club holds fundraising match against 'invisible opponent'
May 09 at 12:09 GMT +00:00
Shirtless Thai gym trainers become fruit sellers during COVID-19 pandemic
May 07 at 20:32 GMT +00:00
Spanish sex shop gives away erotic toys to COVID-19 frontline workers
May 07 at 09:41 GMT +00:00
125 year-old Benz hits the open roads in Einbeck
May 07 at 08:00 GMT +00:00
Thousand-year-old mill back in action in Dorset to supply flour amid shortages due to coronavirus
May 07 at 00:08 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only03:19
I do! Couple ties the knot at Dusseldorf drive-in theatre
May 06 at 12:28 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only01:27
Adorable penguin chicks born at Chester Zoo named after NHS hospitals and workers
May 06 at 10:00 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only01:33
Trying to SNAKE out? Escaped reptile found in Moscow apartment
May 05 at 22:37 GMT +00:00
Peru: Children stage puppet show from their window to cheer up neighbours amid lockdown
May 05 at 07:26 GMT +00:00
Cameroon artist draws line in sand with Messi and other football stars' portraits
May 04 at 16:08 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only01:53
Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams play celebrities in 'Stay-at-Home Slam' to support charities
May 04 at 14:45 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only02:21
Greece: Orphaned bears Bradley and Cooper released into the wild after stay in bear sanctuary
May 04 at 13:27 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only01:21
Tokyo residents keep lonely eels company via video calls during lockdown
May 04 at 07:20 GMT +00:00
Footballer on fire! Smouha SC's Talaat stays healthy with far-out fire treatment
May 04 at 02:07 GMT +00:00
Russia: Ostankino TV Tower in Moscow joins 'HeroesShineBright' campaign
May 03 at 09:45 GMT +00:00
Israel: Wild boars reclaim the streets of Haifa as residents remain home
May 02 at 19:57 GMT +00:00
Whack the bug away! Coronavirus-shaped PINATAS sold in Dallas
May 02 at 19:39 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only02:52
Russia: Orphan bear cubs taken to Siberian wildlife rehab
May 02 at 18:17 GMT +00:00
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