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Greece: Passenger ferry with at least 120 coronavirus cases docks in Piraeus
April 03 at 01:47 GMT +00:00
Iraq: Najaf laboratory tests suspected coronavirus patients amid pandemic
April 03 at 00:25 GMT +00:00
USA: New Jersey's governor and senator visit new field hospital set up in Secaucus amid coronavirus outbreak
April 02 at 23:55 GMT +00:00
USA: COVID-19-hit cruise ship Zandaam docks in Florida
April 02 at 23:26 GMT +00:00
USA: Sikh NGO delivers meals and groceries to New Yorkers amid COVID-19 crisis
April 02 at 22:34 GMT +00:00
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Belgium: NATO chief pledges coordinated support in fight against coronavirus
April 02 at 19:21 GMT +00:00
Germany: 9 billion euros already applied for from coronavirus aid package - Finance Minister Scholz
April 02 at 17:01 GMT +00:00
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Belgium: European Commission to raise €100 billion in loans to fight post-pandemic recession
April 02 at 15:08 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin extends paid holiday period until end of April due to coronavirus pandemic
April 02 at 14:28 GMT +00:00
Iran: US 'will face our fiercest reactions' if they have 'ill will' against Iran – army chief of staff
April 02 at 12:35 GMT +00:00
USA: Trump's US-Mexico border construction ongoing despite coronavirus emergency
April 02 at 11:49 GMT +00:00
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USA: Thousands of coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier personnel to be quarantined in Guam
April 02 at 03:54 GMT +00:00
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USA: Trump says China's coronavirus numbers are 'a little bit on the light side'
April 02 at 00:56 GMT +00:00
Italy: Mayor of Ferrera Erbognone comments on commune's 'immunity' to coronavirus
April 01 at 23:44 GMT +00:00
USA: Body loaded into refrigerated truck near NYC hospital as coronavirus death toll rises
April 01 at 23:03 GMT +00:00
USA: Russian plane with medical aid unloaded at JFK airport
April 01 at 21:23 GMT +00:00
USA: Russian plane with medical aid arrives in New York City
April 01 at 20:38 GMT +00:00
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Germany: Minister-President Soeder announces lockdown extension in Bavaria
April 01 at 19:29 GMT +00:00
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Greece: WWII resistance fighter and MEP Manolis Glezos laid to rest in Athens
April 01 at 14:57 GMT +00:00
UK: Hospital for coronavirus patients set to open at London exhibition centre
April 01 at 13:52 GMT +00:00
Peru: Lima's traditional bullring transformed into homeless shelter amid COVID-19 outbreak
March 31 at 22:39 GMT +00:00
Argentina: Hospital for coronavirus patients established at Football Association's headquarters
March 31 at 20:10 GMT +00:00
Hong Kong: MTR Station protest broken up by police enforcing social distancing
March 31 at 20:02 GMT +00:00
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USA: Pompeo comments on plan for transitional Venezuelan govt without Guaido or Maduro
March 31 at 19:06 GMT +00:00
France: Head of physicians’ union condemns government's handling of mask shortage crisis
March 31 at 17:58 GMT +00:00
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USA: Russian medical aid to battle coronavirus 'was very nice' - Trump
March 31 at 17:50 GMT +00:00
Spain: NGO of chef Jose Andres delivers food to the needy during lockdown
March 31 at 16:37 GMT +00:00
Russia: Chief coronavirus doctor who met Putin tests positive for COVID-19 *ARCHIVE* *PARTNER CONTENT*
March 31 at 16:16 GMT +00:00
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Belgium: IRINI 'part of the solution' in enforcing Libya's arms embargo, says EU chief diplomat
March 31 at 15:57 GMT +00:00
Bolivia: Police dress up as coronaviruses to warn of dangers of pandemic
March 30 at 23:38 GMT +00:00
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Israel: Netanyahu self-quarantines after aide tests positive for coronavirus
March 30 at 19:53 GMT +00:00
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Hungary: Parliament passes coronavirus laws allowing Orban to rule by decree
March 30 at 18:58 GMT +00:00
Spain: Second makeshift morgue set up for coronavirus victims in Madrid
March 30 at 18:05 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Moscow's coronavirus restrictions 'justified and necessary' - Putin
March 30 at 15:29 GMT +00:00
Syria: ISIS prisoners escape prison in al-Hasakah
March 30 at 15:05 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Sobyanin says authorities to tighten control over Moscow lockdown day by day
March 30 at 13:52 GMT +00:00
Panama: COVID-19-hit cruise ship allowed to pass through Panama canal after four die
March 30 at 07:03 GMT +00:00
USA: Emergency field hospital goes up in NYC's Central Park
March 30 at 04:36 GMT +00:00
China: Domestic flights resume operations in Hubei province
March 30 at 02:48 GMT +00:00
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USA: Trump extends social distancing guidelines until April 30
March 30 at 01:48 GMT +00:00
Spain: Madrid residents, police and health workers applaud each other amid coronavirus fight
March 30 at 00:16 GMT +00:00
Iraq: US-led coalition hands over Kirkuk base to Iraqi forces
March 29 at 22:58 GMT +00:00
Iran: Tehran's Milad Tower goes green for health workers fighting COVID-19
March 29 at 21:55 GMT +00:00
Germany: Hesse's finance minister found dead in apparent suicide
March 29 at 12:23 GMT +00:00
USA: SoHo boutiques boarded up amid coronavirus surge in NYC
March 29 at 03:34 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate turns off lights for Earth Hour
March 29 at 02:25 GMT +00:00
Germany: 12 dead, dozens infected in Wolfsburg nursing home amid coronavirus outbreak
March 29 at 01:59 GMT +00:00
Venezuela: Russian oil company Rosneft sells its Venezuela assets
March 29 at 00:25 GMT +00:00
Germany: Concert organ cheers up nursing home residents amid coronavirus lockdown
March 28 at 23:59 GMT +00:00
Iran: Tehran's Milad Tower goes dark marking Earth Hour
March 28 at 23:21 GMT +00:00
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USA: 'New treatments coming along rapidly' - Trump sends coronavirus hospital ship off
March 28 at 22:22 GMT +00:00
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Spain: Workers in non-essential jobs must stay at home for 2 weeks – Sanchez
March 28 at 20:50 GMT +00:00
Spain: Street vendors turn Barcelona shop into COVID-19 gown and mask workshop
March 28 at 19:51 GMT +00:00
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Spain: Daily death toll from COVID-19 surges to record high of 832
March 28 at 17:31 GMT +00:00
Lesbos Refugee Camp: The Crisis At The EU Border *PARTNER CONTENT*
March 28 at 06:14 GMT +00:00
Italy: Health workers assess patients at homes in Zogno amid COVID-19 outbreak
March 28 at 05:10 GMT +00:00
Brazil: Sao Paulo governor Doria visits stadium-turned-hospital amid coronavirus outbreak
March 28 at 04:15 GMT +00:00
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USA: Trump orders General Motors to prioritise federal contracts for ventilators
March 28 at 03:12 GMT +00:00
Spain: Barcelona food companies team up to feed 'hero' health workers amid coronavirus outbreak
March 28 at 01:50 GMT +00:00
France: 'Stay at home' and 'thank you' messages projected on Eiffel Tower
March 28 at 01:14 GMT +00:00
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