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USA: 'Hitler's last letter' and other WWII documents up for sale at auction held to fund COVID fight
May 20 at 10:23 GMT +00:00
USA: WWII warbirds' 'flight to the finish' marks VE Day
May 11 at 02:48 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Fireworks light up Moscow skies for Victory Day
May 09 at 20:17 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berliners mark Victory Day at Tiergarten's Soviet memorial
May 09 at 18:54 GMT +00:00
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Belarus: Minsk holds Victory Day parade despite COVID-19 pandemic
May 09 at 16:03 GMT +00:00
Pool for subscribers only03:38
Russia: Aerobatic pilot groups perform stunts to celebrate Victory Day
May 09 at 14:42 GMT +00:00
Russia: Air shows across country mark Victory Day
May 09 at 13:16 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin watches V-Day air parade from Kremlin
May 09 at 13:11 GMT +00:00
Russia: Naval parade in St Petersburg marks 75th anniversary of Victory Day
May 09 at 11:36 GMT +00:00
Germany: Russian delegation celebrates 75th Victory Day in Berlin
May 09 at 11:00 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin oversees Kremlin Regiment parade on Victory Day
May 09 at 09:43 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Air parade marks 75th anniversary of Victory Day in Moscow
May 09 at 08:56 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin lays wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, addresses nation on Victory Day
May 09 at 07:35 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Virtual Immortal Regiment march marks Victory Day
May 09 at 06:42 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Khabarovsk celebrates Victory Day with air parade
May 09 at 05:03 GMT +00:00
UK: London Eye lit up in Union Jack colours to mark VE Day
May 09 at 03:07 GMT +00:00
Germany: Brandenburg Gate illuminated with 'thank-you' messages on VE Day
May 09 at 00:39 GMT +00:00
UK: London holds low-key VE Day commemorations due to coronavirus
May 08 at 20:06 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berliners pay tributes to fallen Soviet soldiers on Victory in Europe Day
May 08 at 16:18 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berliners bring flowers to Soviet War Memorial on 75th anniversary of victory over Nazism
May 08 at 13:56 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin grateful to Austria for treatment of WWII burial sites
May 08 at 13:04 GMT +00:00
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Germany: 'There is no end to remembering' - Steinmeier during Liberation Day ceremony
May 08 at 12:42 GMT +00:00
Germany: Berliners commemorate 75th anniv. of WWII's end at Soviet War Memorial
May 08 at 12:29 GMT +00:00
Russia: Final rehearsals for V-Day air show take place in multiple cities
May 07 at 18:20 GMT +00:00
Russia: Air Force units hold rehearsals over Red Square ahead of Victory Day air parade
May 04 at 09:00 GMT +00:00
Russia: Putin postpones Victory Day celebrations due to coronavirus
April 16 at 15:50 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Legendary T-34 tanks arrive in Alabino to prepare for V-Day celebrations
March 31 at 13:49 GMT +00:00
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