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Lebanon: Protesters use laser pointers to dazzle riot police in Beirut
January 22 at 11:15 GMT +00:00
China: Shenhzen residents depart for Lunar New Year holidays despite coronavirus outbreak
January 22 at 11:03 GMT +00:00
Meet Iran's award-winning amputee bodybuilder who just can't get a visa
January 22 at 10:57 GMT +00:00
Egypt: Team managers react to 2nd round of Africa's World Cup qualifiers draw
January 22 at 10:34 GMT +00:00
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Israel: Netanyahu greets Macron in Jerusalem ahead of Holocaust memorial
January 22 at 10:20 GMT +00:00
China: Coronavirus death toll climbs to nine, with 440 infected - Beijing
January 22 at 09:07 GMT +00:00
Colombia: Violence erupts as anti-govt protests return to Bogota
January 22 at 08:46 GMT +00:00
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USA: Senate approves impeachment trial rules as all Dem amendments blocked
January 22 at 08:06 GMT +00:00
USA: San Francisco Airport begins screening passengers for coronavirus
January 22 at 07:27 GMT +00:00
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USA: Senate blocks Democrat efforts to subpoena impeachment documents
January 22 at 06:26 GMT +00:00
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UN: Guterres urges progress on Libya after closed-door UNSC meeting
January 22 at 04:15 GMT +00:00
Guatemala: Migrant caravan attempts to enter Mexican territory from Tecun Uman
January 22 at 03:44 GMT +00:00
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Lebanon: 'Time to act' - PM Diab presents new government to President Aoun
January 22 at 03:36 GMT +00:00
France: Thousands oppose changes to assisted reproductive technology law
January 22 at 02:36 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: Trump offers help in resolving Kashmir issue at talks with Pakistan's leader Khan
January 22 at 01:57 GMT +00:00
Germany: Mitsubishi properties searched in alleged emissions cheating probe
January 22 at 00:31 GMT +00:00
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USA: McConnell's impeachment resolution one of 'darkest' moments in Senate history - Minority Leader Schumer
January 22 at 00:03 GMT +00:00
Lebanon: Water cannon and tear gas used to disperse protest near parliament building
January 21 at 23:27 GMT +00:00
USA: Democrats slam McConnell's initial impeachment trial proposals
January 21 at 22:47 GMT +00:00
Spain: Expensive taste? Bread made with real GOLD is yours for just 1,380 euros
January 21 at 21:33 GMT +00:00
Germany: Thousands evacuated as WWII bomb found in Berlin's Alexanderplatz
January 21 at 21:06 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: Trump holds talks with 'tough negotiator' von der Leyen at Davos
January 21 at 20:19 GMT +00:00
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France: Medical staff protest in front of health ministry in Paris
January 21 at 20:14 GMT +00:00
Germany: Anti-Semitic church sculpture in centre of court dispute
January 21 at 20:11 GMT +00:00
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Mexico: Police deployed to border to offer "protection" to migrants - AMLO
January 21 at 19:47 GMT +00:00
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Belgium: NATO should scale up military training in Iraq - Stoltenberg
January 21 at 19:38 GMT +00:00
Queen Victoria's BIG bloomers go under hammer in Derbyshire
January 21 at 19:35 GMT +00:00
Germany: Merkel opens Holocaust 'Survivors' exhibition on 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation
January 21 at 18:57 GMT +00:00
Switzerland: Davos hit by protests as WEF kicks off
January 21 at 18:07 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: Chinese VP defends 'globalisation' against 'protectionism and unilateralism'
January 21 at 17:44 GMT +00:00
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Russia: PM Mishustin holds first cabinet meeting
January 21 at 17:42 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin holds first meeting with Mishustin’s government
January 21 at 17:33 GMT +00:00
Spain: Sea foam floods streets of Tossa de Mar during storm
January 21 at 17:29 GMT +00:00
Peru: Indigenous activist seeks to be first transwoman in Congress
January 21 at 16:57 GMT +00:00
Mexico: Two Honduran children from migrant caravan go missing
January 21 at 16:38 GMT +00:00
UK: Souvenir shop discounts Meghan and Harry merchandise after 'Megxit'
January 21 at 16:32 GMT +00:00
Japanese company turns pets' remains into pearl souvenirs for grieving owners
January 21 at 15:31 GMT +00:00
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Polar bear cub takes 'first baby steps' at Vienna Zoo
January 21 at 15:31 GMT +00:00
Italy: 39 migrants disembark Ocean Viking in Pozzallo
January 21 at 14:50 GMT +00:00
Iraq: 1 killed and a dozen injured as clashes resume in Baghdad
January 21 at 14:34 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Putin meets outgoing Prosecutor General Chaika and successor Krasnov
January 21 at 14:16 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: WHO confirms human-to-human transmission of coronavirus
January 21 at 14:05 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: Planting trees 'nowhere near enough' says Thunberg at Davos
January 21 at 13:48 GMT +00:00
Libya: LNA suspends oil production in Wahat district
January 21 at 13:10 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: Trump rejects environmental ‘prophets of doom’ in Davos speech
January 21 at 12:47 GMT +00:00
China: Wuhan city controls arrivals and departures over coronavirus breakout
January 21 at 12:27 GMT +00:00
Iran: Rouhani meets Venezuelan FM Arreaza in Tehran
January 21 at 12:06 GMT +00:00
Sao Paulo's own Tony Hawk swaps his prosthetic legs for a profession
January 21 at 11:57 GMT +00:00
China: US-China trade deal is 'good for the world' - Ministry of Commerce
January 21 at 11:51 GMT +00:00
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UN: 'A complete turnaround' - former OPCW inspector slams Douma attack report
January 21 at 11:31 GMT +00:00
USA: Thousands rally against Virginia's gun control bill in Richmond
January 21 at 10:51 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: Greta Thunberg swats aside question about 'haters' at Davos climate panel
January 21 at 10:28 GMT +00:00
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Russia: Fire kills 11 people in Siberian village
January 21 at 09:26 GMT +00:00
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Switzerland: 'Nothing has been done' about climate crisis - Greta Thunberg at Davos
January 21 at 09:06 GMT +00:00
USA: Bernie Sanders holds campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa
January 21 at 08:23 GMT +00:00
Argentina: Morales-backed Bolivian presidential candidate holds press conference in BA
January 21 at 06:56 GMT +00:00
Hong Kong: We treat Wuhan virus as 'worst-case scenario' - Chief Secretary
January 21 at 04:55 GMT +00:00
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Australia: Heartbreaking video shows injured koala left stranded on Kangaroo Island
January 21 at 03:52 GMT +00:00
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UN: US rep. accuses Russia of trying to use UNSC to 'weaken' OPCW's credibility
January 21 at 03:17 GMT +00:00
Colombia: Guaido defies travel ban, vows not to stop until 'democracy' prevails in Venezuela
January 21 at 02:29 GMT +00:00
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